Artment.dep is a Seoul-based art directing studio since 2006 founded by Mijae Kim who grew up in Tokyo and graduated from the University of the Arts, London. We design and build in one continuous process, from concept through prototypes to finished production and place. We're specialised in art directing with graphic and space design, visual consulting, and creative marketing. We provide Korean-craft-inspired creative outcomes in various forms including painting, crafting, interior, and even creating furniture and objects. And we love to bring unique and iconic products and artists to Seoul from all over the world for creation of aesthetic scene in the city.
Brand Identity Design
- Logo
- Symgol
- Illustration
- Pattern
- Key Font & Color

Product Design
- Target / Market Research
- Product Design
- Package Design
- Production Supervision

Space Art Direction
- Target / Location Research
- Concept Develop
- Space Story Direction
- Key Motif Design

Visual Decoration
- Visual Merchandising
- Flower & Gardening Concept
- Tableware, Accessories Design
- Craft Art Work Direction
- Furniture and Accessories Buying
- Signage, Print Design
Concept & Contents Develop
- Key Concept
- Key Story
- Target / Market Research
- Contents Develop
- Naming Direction

Visual Identity Design
- Photography Direction
- Package Design
- VIsual Asset for SNS
- Graphic Video Design

Interior Design
- Layout Design
- Key Material, Key Color Suggestion
- Constructor Suggestion
- Furniture Design

Pop-up / Event Direction
- Visual Merchandising
- Target / Location Research
- Concept Develop
- Interior Design
- Special Promotion Contents Develop
- Collaborative Contents Suggestion
Approximately a century of Korean craft is represented in the extraordinary exhibition by artists. Virtues to Practice for life, but the project is not intended as a simple chronology of style and form. Rather, a careful selection of works has been made to illustrate the modern-generational relationships that have existed between and amongst those who have come to be associated between the Korean carftand design movement. The objects in the exhibition serve as nodes in a network of human associations that place pupils alongside art director; connect artistic partners; pair influential makers with those they have inspired; and situate significant artist, ceramist, and interior designers within the context of commercial and cultural exchange. The connections that are illustrated by the groups of objects that are shown in the exhibition by three artist individual and group, and its processes have been shared, exchanged, and transformed by Artment.dep who have influenced one another across place and time.
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